Tower Bridge in Sacramento, California

After living in Portland, Oregon for three years, I have developed a deep appreciation and love for bridges. I spent a week in Sacramento, CA in 2013 (while on tour with Lemuria) and fell in love with Tower Bridge while I was there.
Tower BridgeTower Bridge was opened on December 15, 1935. The 737 foot long vertical lift bridge spans the Sacramento River and was designed by Alfred Eichler.  At the time of it’s construction, it was the first and only vertical lift bridge in the California Highway System.

Tower Bridge road

The two 160 foot towers on the bridge help make it one of the most iconic landmarks in Sacramento.  It’s hard to walk or drive past it and not admire it’s beauty.

Tower Bridge California

While the bridge is currently painted gold, it wasn’t always this color.  Originally the bridge was silver, but after complaints of the glare it was repainted in June of 1976 to a yellow-ochre color. The color choice was an homage to the gold leafed cupola on the nearby State Capitol.

Tower Bridge Sacramento

As most paint jobs do, the color started to fade and in 2001 all residents within 35 miles voted on a new color for the bridge. Gold was the winning color, beating out green, burgundy, and a silver and gold color scheme. The repainting of Tower Bridge was finished in 2002.Tower Bridge over Sacramento RiverIn 1982, Tower Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places which it definitely deserves to be. Iconic and beautiful bridges such as this one should be cherished and preserved as long as possible.

Tower Bridge Sacramento, CA

Unfortunately while I was in town, I did not get to see the bridge lifted.  Hopefully someday I will be able to return to Sacramento and get the chance to see a boat pass underneath it.

As a huge fan of bridges, I’m always looking for more to explore and document.  What are some bridges you think I should photograph?

Old Kentucky Barns

Growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY I didn’t encounter many barns.  Occasionally I would see one if I glanced up from my Game Boy or book on the drive to or from camping with my dad.  It wasn’t until almost two years ago when I moved to Kentucky that I was regularly exposed to barns.

Kentucky barn
The Kentucky countryside is filled with many old dilapidated barns like this one. After continually seeing them, I started to fall in love with them.  I see this one everyday on my way to and from work and i’m always happy that it’s still standing.

Grass and barnThere was a similar barn to this near where Nicole and I used to live in Walton, KY. Like this one, I would admire it everyday as I passed it.  I kept putting off walking up the road to photograph it. I ended up waiting too long because one day I rode past it and it was being torn down.  I didn’t want history to repeat itself so I braved an impending storm and trekked through the muddy uncut grass to capture these photos today.

Old dilapidated barnI’m not sure why I love the ascetic of a barn that is falling apart so much.  I think it’s a mixture of the weathered and broken wood, and the fact that it’s stubborn and still standing against all odds.  As long as they’re still standing, I plan on making more photos of them when I have the chance.

Barbed wire fence