Walking and Walking

I like to walk a lot, which lends well to my love for photography. Most people walking wouldn’t notice things on the ground like this sign.

Warning sign

Or maybe they would notice it but wouldn’t think much of it. Maybe they would take one look at it and dismiss it as garbage. But they might not notice how the bright sign contrasts so beautifully with the dirt and rocks beneath it. That’s what I see. That is the shots I love to search for and find.

I also love when test shots that I dismissed in the back of the camera turn out to be some of my favorites once i’m processing them (I shoot all my photos in RAW), like this one:


I wanted to see how my camera would work in a low light situation so I shot this barbed wire near power lines to test it out. I figured it was just going to be a garbage shot but once I opened it up in Lightroom I loved how the silhouette of the pole and barbed wire contrasted with the blue evening sky. I don’t like shooting with a flash so this makes me rethink my ability to shoot photos at dusk.

Racist and Fascist Antiques

On a recent trip to an antique mall in Ohio outside of Cincinnati, I encountered some rather disturbing “antiques” for sale.  This place was massive and at first I came across the usual mix of old books, typewriters, sports memorabilia, and random knickknacks you expect to see at an antique mall.

Corona typewriter antiques
Reds Pepsi bottle antiques

As I arrived near the back of the store, I came across locked display cases filled with more valuable antiques that people were afraid of getting stolen or destroyed by the public handling them.  These cases were filled with Star Wars figures, baseball cards, jewelry, and (to my surprise) many pieces of racist and fascist antiques.

racist and fascist antiques
racist and fascist antiques
racist and fascist antiques

I’ve seen plenty of racist antiques at outdoor flea markets and swap meets, but I found it pretty disturbing that this antique mall not only allowed their vendors to display and sell these items, but also permitted them to display these blatant fascist and racist antiques in their display cases that they reserve for high-end collectibles.  Just when I was getting over the sight of these, I came across more.

racist and fascist antiques
racist and fascist antiques

I get that some of these items shouldn’t be ignored or destroyed due to the (awful) historical significance, but I don’t believe they have a place in a public store where anyone can buy them. If anything, they should be in a museum to educate people so history doesn’t repeat itself. Attaching a price to them gives them value beyond historical reasons.

racist and fascist antiques
racist and fascist antiques

A part of me felt like bringing my disgust up to a manager at the antique mall, but given that they were blatantly on display, the store has (most likely) already taken the stand of preferring profits over what is ethical.

Here are some more photos of beautiful old typewriters to balance out the racism and fascism in this post.

Royal typewriter
antique typewriter
antique typewriter

Right under your feet

As someone who doesn’t drive, I tend to walk a lot. While I’m walking, I am almost always looking down. It may be because i’m afraid of tripping on things, but I also take the opportunity to look for interesting things to take photos of.  More often than not, we walk past things everyday that we don’t realize.

Sweet Gum Spine Ball
Toothbrush on ground
Jellyfish Oregon coast
Bottlecap on ground
Feet on Subway